Subnormal is now considering contributions of content from writers, photographers, vloggers, and filmmakers for all of its pages. If interested, send us a personal letter of introduction telling us what you want to do, why, and how often you think you can.

If you send us anything to consider publishing, type FOR PUBLICATION in subnormal in the heading line. Before we consider running it, we will ask you by email to send us back a form we send you stating that we have the right to use it as long as we choose. Don’t send us anything you don’t own and have the right to have published.

Non-frequent contributors will not receive compensation as it’s too much trouble for us to manage.

Compensation for all regular contributors (once a week or more) to Subnormal will receive future credits for cash, convertible to cash after this site makes enough profit determined by us.  Or, they may have the other choice of receiving credits for current advertising or publicity. Don’t send us anything until we see your work and get a written agreement as to compensation that you are happy with.