Subnormal was fighting for black rights, gay rights, women’s rights, trans rights, human rights, animal rights, and the environment for well over two decades, and long before many of the current movements for these issues got infiltrated and hijaked by multi-national, tyrannical scum who hate freedom, and who seek only to divide and conquer. 

We support freedom for all, at any cost, and that means, even if it hurts your feelings–or ours.

Remember, if your revolution is sponsored by the federal governement, the state, or corporate media, you can be sure it’s NOT a real revolution–It’s a psi-op.

If you are not offended, then we are not doing our job.  If you are easily offended, then you need to get laid more. 

Punks NOT Dead.  


Subnormal Magazine, cover of the last hard copy issue back in 1999. Cover image: Lydia Lunch.

Government is the greatest criminal in the his-tory of the world. 

Welcome to our new writer, who has chosen the pseudonym Benjamin Eisenhower, who recently left La La Land along with over a half a million others.  We look forward to hearing more from him soon.
Who Controls America
America has been taken over, infiltrated, controlled and operated by the CIA, NSA, FBI, Pharmaceutical industry, Media Giants, and International Bankers to create a slave society where only the Chosen Few corrupt criminals operate freely as the Government above all laws and make the masses believe that they are living in a Democracy which is actually a Fascist State which is a marriage between the State and the Corporations a political system which Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini shared with his ally Adolf Hitler in World World II. America has become the Fourth Reich. –Benjamin Eisenhower


We bring you here in our new issue, our exclusive interview with Adi Newton, the legendary man behind CLOCK DVA.  Up next, will be our exlusive interview with URBAN HEAT. Also up next month an interview with KENNETH ANGER. Back issues of subnormal will be re-released online at a later date.

We bid here our belated farewells to those beloved legends–Kenneth Anger, Stanton LaVey, and Jean-Luc Godard among more.

Never underestimate the power of…subnormal.


–we’re not your safe space.